About Us

The Black Lesbian Literary Collective is a non-profit organization (organized in North Carolina) founded by Lauren Cherelle and Stephanie Andrea Allen to bring together women with shared cultural experiences that desire a nurturing and productive writing setting.

The Black Lesbian Literary Collective creates a nurturing and sustainable environment for Black lesbian and queer women of color writers.

We strive to:

  • Increase lesbian visibility in literary and independent publishing spheres.
  • Promote ethical publishing practices through education and rigorous standards.
  • Live our best writing life.

Our efforts include:

  • a workshop, where we promote and encourage professional and personal writing (and writing goals) through skill development
  • a radio show, where we amplify the work of Black lesbian writers and discuss topics and trends in publishing
  • an annual writing retreat, where we will celebrate our successes, collaborate with other writers and publishers, and set our intentions for the upcoming year.
  • and an bi-annual literary journal, where we engage with issues of race, gender, sexuality, class, ability, and intersecting identities (visit serendipitylitmag.org for details).
  • a review blog, where we post weekly books reviews, recommendations, and author interviews


#119_webLauren Cherelle uses her time and talents to traverse imaginary and professional worlds. She manages and writes for Resolute Publishing, an independent publisher that helps transform dreams into realities for women. Lauren co-edited Solace: Writing, Refuge, and LGBTQ Women of Color (2017). She is the author of the f/f novel, The Dawn of Nia (2016), and she has written short stories for Lez Talk: A Collection of Black Lesbian Short Fiction (2016) and G.R.I.T.S: Girls Raised in the South — An Anthology of Queer Womyn’s Voices & Their Allies (2013). Her stories reflect the lives of Southern Black girls and women.

Lauren holds an MBA from the University of Tennessee and writing certifications from the University of Louisville. During the week, she works in nonprofit development. On the weekends, she hangs up her fundraising hat to focus on personal writing and family. Join Lauren on Twitter: @laurencre8s and @blacklesfic.


Stephanie Andrea Allen, Ph.D., is a native southerner and out Black lesbian writer, scholar, and educator. In 2014, she founded BLF Press, and co-edited Lez Talk: A Collection of Black Lesbian Short Fiction (BLF Press 2016), and Solace: Writing, Refuge, and LGBTQ Women of Color (BLF Press 2017). Her debut collection of short fiction and essays, A Failure to Communicate, was released on January 10, 2017. Her other writing credits include a book chapter on race and representation in the work of Tyler Perry; scholarly articles on the topics of race, identity, and sexuality; and work as a reviewer for The Lesbrary and Feral Feminisms.

Stephanie holds a Ph.D. in American Studies from Purdue University, an M.A. in English from Auburn University, and a B.A. in English from Columbus State University. Her scholarship examines the marginalization of Black lesbian cultural productions and the intersections of race, class, gender, and sexuality that contribute to the invisibility of Black lesbians in popular and literary culture.