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Book Review: Black Power Barbie Vol. 1: love lives of heroes
This “graphic novel with cinematic sensibilities” features flashbacks of murders, dreams of loved ones who have transitioned, and finding love after a… Read more.

Book Review: Loving Her
Books are one great way to commemorate Black History Month. So, I began the month by reading a novel published nearly 45 years ago. Ann Allen Loving HerRead more.

A Few of My Favorite Books
I’ve read some amazing books this year, and I’d like to share a few of my favorite reads with you. A caveat, not all of these books are by Black lesbian writers… Read more.

Podcast: Sheree L. Greer-Repost
Sheree L. Greer chats with us about her second novel, A Return to Arms-– a story that examines identity, passions, and allegiances… Listen now.

Podcast: Leona Beasley
In this episode, we chat with Leona Beasely about her debut novel, Something Better Than Home— a coming-of-age adventure featuring Southern, queer… Listen now.

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